Keep Your Hand In Your Skirt Mindset Makeover

Are you a woman who minds her own business? Manages your own set point? Do you take care and protect your self value? Most women are generous and naturally give. Women often over give and over sacrifice. Most women put their needs last on the priority lists. The side effect? Many women are stressed, exhausted and not living their best lifes. Making time and energy for yourself can seem overwhelming for the woman who works hard to earn her worthiness. A woman who jumps through hoops to help, support and take care of every one else usually suffers with guilt, shame and low self esteem. I know first hand as I was one of those women. I worked so hard to earn love, I tried to get love by sacrficing and overgiving. I tried to prove to others that I deserved their love and respect. After many brutal challenges, I realized something had to change. My self value had to come from me. SELF Value - SELF Esteem - SELF Worth all begins with SELF! I had to take my self worth in my own hands. I had to do the work on myself to clear limiting thoughts, judgements and people pleasing. I learned to manage my own set point by keeping my hand in my skirt. Minding my business and taking full responsibility for me. You are invited to go on the keep your hand in your skirt mindset makeover journey with me. Get in and do the work. Make your wishes, your desires and you self worth a priority. Play games, get clarity, stretch yourself, the work. Choose YOU! Get Clarity - What Makes Your Heart Sing? Where Are Your Current Set Points? Disrupt The Patterns Anchor In New Patterns Your Job Bonus Courses - "Let's Get High" and "Radical Receiving" Self Love Meditations

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Digital Law Of Attraction Courses

Change your set point, change your life. Raising your vibration is easy and can be fun. Our digital courses help you get into the receiving mode. Become resistence free. Be playful. Have more fun.  Invest time & energy in yourself.

Let go of sloppy and fear based thoughts. When you take responsibility for your set point, you empower yourself. Your self value increases. Be the best version of you.

Law of attraction facilitator, Sabrina Brightstar, inspires women to mind their own business. Keep Your Hand In Your Skirt is a fun slogan to remind yourself to manage your own set point. Release the victim mindset and stand in your boss lady mindset. Raise your vibration. Change your set point, change your life.