Sabrina Brightstar

Sensitive. Happy. Independent. Resilient. Free Thinker. Kind. Radical.
System Buster.
Generous. Pioneer. Free Spirit. Playful. Self Starter. Optimistic.

Career History
Sabrina has over 4 decades of entrepreneurial experience.
Owner and operator of success massage therapy business.
Author of massage marketing books.


Creator and designer of All Things

Sabrina was born and raised Lutheran
She left the Lutheran church at 20 years old and became one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
She served as full time minister for almost a decade with the Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization.

Sabrina had her multidimensional awakening in 2010


Tony Robbins - “Massive Action”
Abraham Hicks - “Life is supposed to be fun.”
Bashar - “Follow your highest excitement.”
Access Consciousness - “Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing.”

Wendy Kennedy - “Light language bypasses the linear mind and drops packets of data into your field”
Jane Roberts “You create your own reality.”

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Virgo and Rising Sign in Sagittarius. 
Sabrina is an activator.

Human Design
Projector 2 / 4