3 Ways Women Can Raise Their Self-Esteem

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A wife, mother, sister, daughter, or best friend. A woman fulfills multiple duties over her
lifetime. You should be proud of yourself for not only managing multiple roles but also
fulfilling them with a smile on your face. Although, have you ever thought of the relationship
you have with yourself? The one that’s the most important, intimate, and longest-running relationship you will ever have.
The quality of your relationship with yourself determines your self-esteem. Your self-esteem is a lens through which you look at yourself. Not as a mother or a daughter, but as the person you are to yourself. It’s a reflection of your faith, beliefs, and perception. Your self-esteem has a direct impact on your confidence as well.
As women, we are raised to give more of ourselves to relationships with other people.

Many cultures are taught to raise a family, run a household, and do
what’s best for the family as a whole. We are never taught to think about ourselves, put our needs first, or work according to our timelines. Always ignoring our needs to put the family first affects our self-esteem and self-confidence as well.

So how can you manage to pull back your power and make the most out of it for your

How can you use your power to manifest the life you envision? This is why I created
this course, The Value Of You: A Mindset Makeover.


This course will include 5 modules, clarity, assessment, games, guided meditation, and a bonus course- let’s get high. The course will give you various methods that will help you empower yourself. Let me give you a brief on the 4 ways you can improve your self-esteem.

Discover Limiting Beliefs
Limiting beliefs are thoughts, opinions, and perspectives that will invade your mind and interrupt any action that takes you closer to your goals. Your faith in these opinions makes you believe them as the ultimate truth. This is what you think is the right way but ultimately it only holds you back.

These limiting beliefs can stem from personal experience, generational
experience, fear, spiritual beliefs, or your close friends/relationships.
In this case, one of the limiting beliefs in a woman's career is that she needs to prioritise family over everything. As a kid, you have seen your grandmother and mother be stay-at-home parent figures.

This mindset has been passed down for generations. You have seen it work the best for a family and that’s why you believe this is the right way. It’s difficult
to go against something that’s been a part of your family for so many years. Especially new mothers, are made to feel guilty about leaving their newborns. People
question mothers who decide to go back in their careers even after having a kid.

Another limiting belief is dependent on the career that you may choose for yourself. Is it a male dominating industry? Are you finding it hard to move up the ranks? Do people
undermine your decision-making skills?

Constant negativity in the way they talk and behave can make a huge impact on the way you look at yourself. You might start to believe that you
need to follow orders even though you are perfectly capable of taking a lead in a project.

These are just a few of the many limiting beliefs that you may come across. This course is specifically made to help you realise your limiting belief.

Challenging limiting beliefs
Firstly, allow yourself to know that any belief or opinion that you carry is not the ultimate truth. There is no perfect way to do anything. There’s always a different perspective and each of them has its pros and cons. No opinion can be a fact.

Some beliefs might be so deeply rooted in your subconscious mind that you might find them difficult to change. Instead, just start questioning them. Are these beliefs the only ones that exist in the whole world? In my personal opinion, do I like this belief? Is there any indication that may contradict my belief?

Another way to question your belief is to put it from the perspective of someone you may look up to. Did Steve Jobs believe in the same things that you do? It could be a doctor, scientist, visionary, or political figure. Start thinking from their perspective and you will see how obsolete your beliefs can become.

Many modules/games in this course will help you challenge your limiting beliefs. It will help you overcome the power that the beliefs have on you. Learning how to build takes back your power so that you can make the law of attraction work for you instead of against you.

Raise Your Vibration by Setting New Beliefs
Choosing and believing in a new opinion might take a little time. Be patient and kind to
yourself in the discomfort that it may cause you. Uprooting something that you have
constantly witnessed will be hard. But it’s harder to live a life that makes you unhappy. Sit through your discomfort and allow yourself to feel the emotions. Cry it out for all that you have lost, respect the past version of you who believed in all that was harming her and send love and healing energy.

Sitting through the discomfort is your mind and soul’s way of releasing the last bits of what is left. You start to put energy into the new. Slowly but surely you will see better days. Days that truly make you who you are. Days that will bring happiness from within. You will find a new glow within you because you allowed yourself to do the work that helped you become a better version of yourself.

This course will be guidance on the path that you choose. It will bring a series of exercises that will help you set new beliefs tailored specifically to your needs. It will help you implement a new plan of action that will take you closer to your higher self and your dream life. You will start to see your manifestation and the universe working for you.

I am excited to hear from you.  Together, let’s raise our consciousness and make our life and this world a better place!

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