High Vibration Mindset - Why Law of Attraction Works?

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Let’s collectively get high. But not the kind that you think. Let’s achieve a true sense of joy by replacing a artificial high with a natural high by raising our vibration. The kind of high in life that will help you actualize your dream life and bring you closer to your higher self.


One of the best ways to bring your dreams to reality is to consciously manifest them. It’s assumed that manifestation brings joy, peace, and gratitude. But what if experiencing these feelings is the key to unlocking your manifestation? You don’t manifest to feel happiness.

You’re happy and that’s why you’re able to manifest your dream life.
From a scientific perspective, there are certain chemicals in your mind that determine
whether you feel joy, gratitude, or sadness.

The 4 main chemicals in your brain related to happiness are oxytocin, dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. But how are these chemicals related to what you want to manifest?

Like I said before, your current state of mind determines whether you can bring your
manifestations to reality. Everything is made up of energy, including living and non-living things.

Your energy is the language in which you communicate with the universe. The energy
that you put out is what you attract. Everyone has a unique energy and no two energies can be the same. But each energy vibrates at a certain frequency which can match other energies in the universe. The frequency at which your energy vibrates will determine what you attract. This is called the law of vibration.

Understanding and implicating this law is the most crucial part of your
manifestation and here’s why:
When you’re sad, you are vibrating at a lower frequency. Your brain isn’t releasing enough happy chemicals. When you’re happy, you’re vibrating at a higher frequency. Your mind is producing more happy chemicals which means you’re putting out good energy in the universe.

You attract things and experiences that are in harmony with you. Your energy needs to feel at one with the things you're trying to manifest.

Do you want to travel more? Start with exploring your city. Your happiness lies within you and when you start to tap into it, you start to manifest materialistic things and experiences.

Tapping into those 4 chemicals will help you feel the happiness which will eventually lead to your manifestations.
When you first explore manifestation you start to develop an expansive version of yourself.
You start to believe in yourself and the things you want. You trust and build faith in the
universe. A part of you is enthusiastic about the goals, but there’s also another side that’s holding you back. 
Over the years you have developed a set of beliefs. Some are positive, while others are negative. The negative set of beliefs creates resistance and that’s why not all manifestations come to reality.

Everyone has their own set of beliefs that hold them back and it creates
deep frustration. These beliefs stem from childhood traumas, deeply rooted cultural families, friends, teachers, and anyone else with whom you might share a connection.

Your deeply rooted belief and faith are what determine your vibration. So if your faith stems from a lack mentality, your energy is vibrating at a lower frequency. These negative beliefs disturb your frequency and hence fail to make your dreams a reality.
For example, if as a kid you have seen your parents fighting over money, you have
experienced poverty, your father believes he can only earn an average income a year, your mind picks up these traits and starts believing them as a reality. But the truth is that your reality is what you believe. So now your mind believes that you’re only capable of earning an average income. No matter how many start-ups or jobs you try, you won’t be able to excel at those things. Your mind won’t allow you to come across any extraordinary opportunities because you don’t believe in them. You create immense resistance in your manifestations.

The change might not come easy. Even if you’re aware of a negative belief, it can be difficult to let it go. Simply because it’s comfortable and familiar. Looking inward, realising your limiting beliefs, accepting yourself, and then working towards changing your deep-rooted faith will bring you on a resistance-free path.

When you start working on changing your beliefs, you will slowly notice an improvement in your mood. You feel lighter and more positive.
While you’re in the process of changing, make sure to go easy on yourself. Accept who you are, love yourself despite your flaws, and start small. Don’t expect your fears to heal within a day or two. It could take a few weeks, months, or even years. Depending on how deep these fears are. You cannot be a millionaire in one day, but you can start to increase your income by 2000 dollars a month and then continue building from there.

This positive change in mindset will then help you uplift your emotions. The frequency at which you vibrate will slowly but surely start building and growing. When this happens you will start experiencing life differently. You come across unexpected opportunities, you feel easier and more aligned with your goals, you’re unafraid to set higher goals and go after them. Taking action becomes easier and you start believing in yourself instead of your fears.

But how do you tap into these emotions, chemicals, and changes in your brain? That’s why I’ve built this 12-day challenge to raise your vibe. I’ve designed common games in a specific manner to make sure your energy is at its highest frequency.

Raising your energy with games such as truth or dare will get you high on happy chemicals in no time. Allow what’s meant for you and welcome beautiful manifestations into your vortex.

Experience different forms of high that comes from positive experiences, healing your wounds, and quality relationships.

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