Atomic Habit - How Do You Read Texts?

assume the best atomic habits jame clear keep hand in your skirt when reading text message Jun 29, 2022

I found myself annoyed by a text today. The text came from someone I care about and I thought the person was being rude to me. I was all offended.

Have you ever read a text and found yourself instantly annoyed or irritated.
Is it true?
My lover told me today, he thinks I tend to read texts in a negative way.
WTF - I wanted to pop him.
He went on to say, it's easy to assume the worst from a text instead of realizing maybe you are reading it differently than it was meant.
I had to take a minute to think about his words.
He had a point. The synchronicity was today I was reading about how we can develop a habit of jumping to negative conclusions. If we do it often, it can happen on autopilot. It becomes a habit.
Atomic Habit by James Clear
The sync was not missed and the lesson was received. I am a woman who 'Keep My Hand in My Skirt' when I read text messages.
Or at least I am developing the positive habit. 

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