Be Confident - You Are More Than Enough!

confidence creator god divine inifinite intelligence source Aug 22, 2022
We don't have to DO anything to earn our worth.
We are wortthy because we are.
We were designed and made by a powerful intelligent Being - call it God / Goddess, Source, Divine, Universe, Infinite Intelligence or whatever title that feels right in your body.
We don't have to try to impress others.
We  don't have to over give to deserve love and kindness.
We don't have to work hard to be good enough.
You are enough.
You are more than enough.
You matter because you do.
When you really really allow that worthiness to sink into your cells, your vibe changes. Your self worth increases. You sommon to yourself more and more experiences that are a match to somone who knows her worth.
You matter because you do!

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