Belonging - Why Do We Chase After Belonging?

belong belonging chasing belonging personality self Sep 20, 2022

 Dear Sweet Child,

You have had an interesting relationship with belonging. Belonging is your basic human right. Belonging belongs to you. It is not something you have to earn, or prove you are worthy to receive. It is your birthright.

Over the years, because you somehow knew you deserved to belong, but you did not know how to access it, you created many stories and experiences to try and force it to happen.

You played many roles in hopes you would land the role of being a person who belongs.

You literally danced and performed for belonging. You cut off emotions to belong. You suppressed, ignored and dismissed pieces of yourself to belong. You tolerated, sacrificed and compromised to belong. You over gave to belong. You worked hard to belong. You neglected yourself to belong. You tried faking and camouflaging. You pretended to others and to yourself that you belonged.

The theme of belonging has impacted your whole life.

What did you discover about this sweet wonderful child?

No one can give you belonging. Belonging has to come from the inside. If you depend on another to make you feel like you belong, when that outside condition changes, then you are alone again. You have to Belong to yourself first. You have to, no matter what, you have to belong to you. You can and will always be there for you. You might have moments of disappointments with yourself, you might have times you dismiss yourself and ignore your needs. But you always - Always - find yourself. You always find your way back to you. The more you are connecting to your Whole self, all the fragmented pieces of you can return. The many aspects of your personality self that have felt invisible, unwanted, suppressed and betrayed by you are returning home. The more you become in alignment with your Whole Self, the easier and safer it is for you to integrate All That You Are.

It is your birthright to know, be, perceive and receive belonging.

You Belong because you do.

I see all the pieces of you.

All the pieces of you matter.

All the pieces of you Belong.

You are loved, adored, supported and cherished!



Your Whole Self (Sabrina Brightstar)

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