Brene' Brown - My Worth Is Non Negotiable!

brene brown curiosity self worth May 10, 2022
This amazing video from BreneBrown is a MUST listen! She captures the essence of a person who minds their own business and manages her own set point.
My Worth is non negotiable!
I will not betray myself anymore to fit in.
Becoming OK alone.
I will always belong to and believe in myself.
Vulnerability involves uncertainty and emotional exposure.
All vulnerability includes Courage.
It's not the critics who count.
It's about showing up for yourself.
If you are going to go into an arena to create, the only guarantee is you will get your ass kicked. It's unavoidable. I'ts not a crisis. It is a slow unwrapping.
You have a choice, you can replace your armor with "curiosity".
Curiosity is a great super power.
True belonging is being apart of something bigger and true courage to stand alone.   Brene Brown

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