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Why are people attracted? How to help someone who is in a cult?

Please listen to 'A Little Bit Culty' podcast - Bentinho Massaro Sucks Part 1 

A Little Bit Culty is hosted by Sarah Edmondson and Anthony "Nippy" Ames. They are whistle blowers in HBO series "The Vow" "No one joins a cult, people join a good thing."

Control and manipulation happen on a spectrum. Extreme cases include giving away your money, your rights, your body, and your choices. More subtle control and manipulation takes place when a person chooses to cut off (sacrifice) a piece of themself for someone or something. Looking for outside validation, approval or permission is an indicator you are giving your personal power away.

How can you help a person in a cult? Listen and support them. Guilt trips, shaming or forcing someone to leave does not work. Trust your loved one is going to get to the other side. Believe they are resilient and when they are ready, they will start to take steps to break free and have a break through.

Control and manipulation develop in layers. Unpacking it and healing from it, also happens in layers and levels. #cults #bentinho #benthinhobox #culty #alittlebitcultypodcast #JehovahWitnessescult #sabrinabrightstar #bentinhomassarocult #thevowcult #cultorganizations

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