Do You Show Up For Yourself? Atomic Habits - Can't Hurt Me - 75 Hard

75 hard andy frisella atomic habits can't hurt me david goggins i show up for me james clear show up for you • mental toughness • mental fortitude • confidence • self-esteem • self-worth • self-belief • grit Jul 02, 2022
Mental challenges help us honor our agreements with ourselves. Many of us show up for others. We are happy to support, give and be there for others. We are good at making our loved ones feel valuable and worthy.
Are you willing to do as much for yourself as you are for others? Do you clean your home for yourself? Do you make yourself delicious yummy meals? Do you have a practice of daily taking care of your mental and emotional health?
Atomic Habits by James Clear shows how making 1% positive change on a daily basis will create a massive improvement in the quality of your life and your mindset. Compounding one percent of positive habits and thoughts create a big beneficial shift.
You are worthy and you deserve to have the best life experience possible.
Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins inspires us to take whatever challenge or difficulty life threw at us, as an opportunity to become mentally stronger and more resilient.
75 Hard by Andy Frisella is a 75 day mental challenge that helps your become friends with self discipline.

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