Headship Principle - Tool For Manifestation - Neville Goddard

headship principle law of attraction for manifestation neville goddard May 21, 2022

Neville Goddard, law of attraction teacher, shares his point of view about "headship principle".

He believes the headship principle is a tool for actualizing your desires. He quotes the scriptures and explains the head is masculine consciousness. The sub conscious is feminine. The masculine and feminine unite as husband and wife.

He believes thoughts first appear in the conscious mind (head), if the thoughts are going to become reality, the sub consciousness (feminine) needs to agree or say yes. The husband he believes is our masculine consciousness serving the wife, our sub conscious.

He teaches headship principle is not about gender, but symbolism for consciousness. He teaches the head (masculine) job is to woo his lover (sub conscious). He must use his imagination and feel his idea or thought. He feel this idea with his senses ( smell, taste, touch, sound, sight) to woo his lover to say yes. The sub conscious has the power to actualize the thought or idea. She needs to feel it before she agrees to it. Once she agrees, she has creative energy to actualize it.

Use the tools of the conscious and sub conscious. Imagination is the pathway to feeling your thoughts into things or reality.

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