Investing More Money - Changing My Set Point

change money set point compound interest friends with money investing larger amounts of money investing money money beliefs money is my ally money patterns money supports me stock markets Jun 30, 2022


I followed my highest excitement and made a huge financial investment. I felt excited, I felt hopeful anticipation. I felt joy and delighted with my choice.
I daydreamed and imagine the investment growing, multiplying and compounding.
I wrote lists of all the things I wanted to do with my investment profits.
I spent hours enjoying the daydreams.
Ahhhh - so much pleasure.
I was tracking my investments, maybe even trying to micro manage and control.
I found myself starting to worry. I began to doubt. I started feeling nervous. What if my investment did not grow? What if I didn't receive the profit I was imagining. Even worse, what if I lost some or even all the money?
Fear began to heat up.
Slowly like water in a tea kettle. 
I had moments of regret. I had moments where I wanted to blame someone.
I knew it was not a short term investment. I knew my worry and fear based vibe was not a contribution to my mental state or my vibration state.
I decided to surrender.
Worse case scenario? I lose money.
But even if I lose money, did I fail? I took a chance on me. I was proud to make such a big investment. I was proud I was stretching and trying something new. I loved feeling fearless. It was so empowering.
No one can take away that experience.
That experience is anchored in my body. I can recall and access it easily.
I trust myself and following what makes my heart sing. I trust I am also growing, evolving and reaching new abilities to receive more joy and more trust in me. My core belief is the Universe is conspiring for me.
Life is happening for me, not too me.
Now, I get to demonstrate my belief. When the conditions do not appear ideal is the time to get focused. Building new muscles so to speak can be uncomfortable. Am I going to quit? Am I going to let fear and worry be the boss of my vibration? 
Nope, this little lady knows too much. It's ok I got scared. It's ok I started to doubt and worry.
It in an awareness that I have room to grow. I desire my 'trust muscles' get bigger and stronger. My fear gave me the gift of awareness. Big investments can be uncomfortable.
Nothing went wrong. I received data or information.
I am a woman who trust herself. I am a woman who wishes to push my comfort levels. I desire to level up and expand my money capacities. 
Thinking and doing the same thing with money will keep the money set point the same.
I am changing my set point. I am intentionally following what feels right in my body and exploring new ways to create and upgrade my money patterns. 

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