#pansexual lgbtq+ pride pride tattoo pridemonth May 30, 2022

Love, connection, attraction and sexuality is changing. We have evolved, AND we still need more awareness / change. Be aware, be mindful. Do your words project assumption on romantic / sexual choice? Do your words unintentionally cause pain or hurt?

I share my experiences with LGBTQ+. It's a never ending opportunity to learn to become a more conscious and kind human being.

It Got Better Playlist on Youtube. Listen to many stories 

This podcast is amazing. I loved it, it really touched me. Podcast - The Power of Being You by Sarah Grandinetti Espisode 21 - Birds, Bees and Sexual Orientation Ease Yvonne Gomez 

Our tattoos - You are invited to Self Esteem Mind Set Makeover 

#lgtbq+ #youmatter #sexualorientation #acceptingeveryone #pride #pridetattoo 

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