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Introducing podcast - Keep Your Hand In Your Skirt

What does that mean to be a woman with her hand in her skirt? Keep Your Hand In Your Skirt is a fun way to remind yourself to mind your own business. Focus on yourself. Manage your own vibration.

Women have natural ability to share their generous hearts. Woman tend to be very intuitive and willing to go the extra mile for others. Sometimes, women over give and become co-dependent.

Keep your hand in your skirt podcast helps you pay attention to your desires and needs. The show is designed to help you make yourself a priority. Empower yourself and know your worth. Give yourself the gift of feeling good.

One of Sabrina's favorite mantra is "I am a beautiful, high vibin, pleasure receivin, multi millionaire." Pull what you desire to you with your thoughts and beliefs.

Your host, Sabrina Brightstar is a seeker. The past several decades she has studied many popular thought leaders and now she is sharing fun easy ways to raise your set point.

Some teachers who have influenced her are law of attraction teacher Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Access Consciousness Brene Brown,Tony Robbins and Amanda Frances. Welcome to our first podcast.

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