Regulate Your Nervous System With Guided Delicious Love Meditation

guided meditation heart opening meditation how to regulate nervous system nervous system Feb 10, 2022

Breath in the intention to regulate your nervous system. Breath in the intention to connect to your higher mind. Breath in the intention to relax your body and expand your receiving love abilities. Exhale stress and anxiety. Exhale limiting thoughts and patterns that no longer serve you. Exhale fear based beliefs. Go on a journey in your minds eye and experience the colors, smells, sounds, texture and taste of nature. The Earth wishes to contribute to you. Open yourself and receive the contribution and unconditional love from the Earth. Expand your abilities to perceive more, be more, know more and receive more. The side effect will you, you naturally extend this love and awareness to everyone who comes in contact with you. Be the gift of you, by knowing your worth, your value and the truth. The truth is, you matter because you do. You are worthy because you are. No hard work required. No proving yourself required. Know your worth, change your set point and the side effect will be - you contribute to the world and All That Is. https://www.keepyourhandinyourskirtla...

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