Spending Money - The Secret to Circulating More Money

amanda frances author i spend money easily and happily indentity law of attractio money book club money is your friend money supports me money supports you rich as f*ck book spending money May 22, 2022

Chapter 5 part 1 Rich as F*ck by author Amanda Frances


Catch it and flip it. There is not enough money There is more than enough money

How do you feel when you spend money? Get inside a place of pleasure and appreciation before you spend. Money is always circulating. Spend it with joy and pleasure. Appreciate what your money is doing on your behalf when you pay your bills or buy your gas.

Trust money is your ally. Money is your friend, here to support you and help make your life easier.

What is your identity? Are you a woman who receives money easily? Are you a woman who spends money joyfully? Are you a woman who saves larges sums of money with pleasure? Are you a woman who happily invests and multiplies her money? Are you a woman who enjoys donating?

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