Thought Detox Challenge

detox focus on what you desire imagine it the way you wish it law of attraction mental clarity mind your business thought challenge you create your own reality with your thoughts Jan 19, 2022
Thought Detox Challenge
Does your mind wonder off on topics that do not feel good?
Do you replay situations in your mind that make you feel angry or sad?
Take the thought detox challenge.
Be mindful of where your thoughts are going. It is hard to control what goes through your mind, especially when you are upset or frustrated. You replay the same negative thought over and over again in your head, feeling worse and worse with every passing moment. 
This challenge will help you become more aware of where your thoughts go during a stressful time. It will also give you practice staying focused on what feels good instead of letting yourself get caught up in negative thinking patterns.
Choose to stay focus on the your desires.
Imagine it the way you wish it to flow.
Write the story or speak the words that feel good when you are expressing yourself.
Take the Thought Detox Challenge
Try if for a whole day?
If a day is too long, try it for half a day or even an hour.
By 'Keeping Your Hand in Your Skirt' we can keep ourselves grounded in the now moment and avoid drifting away from what we truly desire! The more often we practice this skill of 'Keeping Your Hand in Your Skirt' the easier it will become for us!

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