Wealthy Women - She Has More Than Enough Money, An Over Flow, She Trusts Herself - Money Book / Rich As F*ck

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"You are in a relationship with money. This is a growing, living, breathing and evolving relationship." page 128

"I started to play with the idea with what I call Overflow - or more than enough. I began to ponder this: What if, no matter how much I spend, there is always money left over?" page 129

Make the energetic shift internally. Amanda shares how she shifted her beliefs from saving money is boring to saving money is hot.

"The wealthy woman is calm, certain, sure and centered about money. She knows herself, loves herself and trusts herself with money. She only sees endless possibilities." Page 130

Amanda Francis is the author of Rich as F*ck.

Chapter 6 - video book club with hostess Sabrina Brightstar


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