What Is Your Point Of Attraction?

creatine new thoughts fear based thoughts focus your thoughts law of attraction thought patterns thoughts of abundance thoughts of appreciation thoughts of gratitude thoughts of lack and limitation May 13, 2022


Where are you vibing?
If you reflected on this past hour where did you put your attention? What did you focus on?
What thoughts did you have?
If you put your thoughts or focus in a percentage chart, what percent of your thoughts were fear based or lack based? What percent of your thoughts were abundance based, more than enough ____ (whatever topic you are thinking about)?
Words are free and easy. Anyone can say, "I focus on what I desire". It sounds simple and practical.
It's fascinating to really explore how much time you give noticing what is working, what makes you happy and being in the now moment feeling satisfied.
There are many programs that try to direct your mind to worry some thoughts or fear based thoughts. 
Why? Why would media, commercials, social media, etc wish to program you to lack based thoughts?
It's not personal, it's just business. Businesses are in the business to make a profit. In order to sell you their service or product, they need to offer you the solution. There needs to be a problem in order for their product or service to be sellable. Bad news sells. It's not personal, it's marketing for profit and ratings.
Many of us are on automatic. We feel worry or feel fear effortlessly. It's an automatic response that feels normal.
To create a new pattern, we simple need to be aware. Awareness allows you to notice where your thoughts are going. Awareness gives you choice. You can choose same thoughts or you can choose to disrupt the pattern and create a new thought pattern.
Thoughts are free. Right this moment you can think a slightly new thought or a radically new thought. Both are free. You can think a thought about something going wrong. You can think a thought about something going right. 
It's your call. You get to decide what you invest your time thinking about.

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