What Makes Your Heart Sing?

follow your bliss happiness no matter what joseph cambell law of attraction Jul 01, 2022


I love being in water. Being in water with friends or a lover is even better.
Sometimes, no one is available or no one wants to join me.
Do you take time to engage in activities that make your heart sing?
Do you have a 'go to' list of things you do for yourself to keep you naturally high and happy?
In my past, I use to give up activities I love because people in my circle did not enjoy them. I use to be the girl who did what my partner or friends wanted to do. I ignored the activities I liked.
I am so proud of myself for realizing I am worth it. Making myself a priorty is important too. My pleasure and bliss matter. I now invest time, money and resources following things that make my heart sing.

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