Who Is Picking Out Your Clothes (Beliefs)?

beliefs beliefs attract similar beliefs changing your belief trying on a new beliief Jan 12, 2022
What beliefs are you wearing? Does what you wear reflect who YOU are? Are your clothes serving YOU, or do they hold YOU back from being all that YOU can be. When you were younger you needed your parents to dress you. Your caregivers decided what you would wear. Now you are an adult. Do you still wear the clothes your parents put on you? It's easy to change your clothes. It's easy to try on a new style, a new color, or a new fabric. Get curious about what you could wear (believe).
You can change your mind, if the new belief doesn't feel good. You can return to your former outfit. It is free to explore your beliefs and see if there are beliefs that are a better match to who you are now and where you are going.
If it does not fit or feel good, don't wear (believe) it!
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