Who Is Sabrina Brightstar? Shadow Work Heals

authentic darkness do the work sabrina brightstar shadow work show up for yourself Aug 25, 2022

Who Am I?

I am a boss lady who manages my own set point. I take time everyday to nourish my spirit. If I get triggered or disconnected from my knowing that I am worthy, I do the work. I honor and witness aspects of my personality self that feel scared, angry or hurt. I do not force or push my way into a camouflage pretend high vibe.

I comfort and support any peices of of my emotional / physical body that experience discomfort. I allow all of me. I show up for all of me. When I fall back into my whole - aligned self, I play, laugh, appreciate, expand and keep following my highest excitement. I am a woman who loves pleasure. I am woman who can receive. I am a woman who allows myself to have an abundant life. I am a woman who trusts All That Is supports and unconditionally loves me.

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