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became your priority choose you decide to pick you live your best life put up with settle tolerate Oct 10, 2022
Settling? Tolerating?
Do you go for your hearts true desires or do you settle for what is?
It's ok.
Do you tolerate people, because something is better than nothing?
It's  not that bad.
Do you sacrifice pieces of yourself in order to fit in and not create problems?
How often do fear based thoughts or limiting thoughts keep you from going for your true wishes and desires?
Do you ever find yourself thinking, it's ok. I am fine.
Is that your wish for yourself?
Do you desire to be in pure bliss, joy, full of life, exuberant, enthusiastic, eager for more, and in happy anticipation? Fear based thoughts can make you afraid to really live and be alive. It can be uncomfortable admitting to others and especially to yourself that your heart hungers for more. That your heart desires to feel zeal and passion.
It can be uncomfortable admitting you have dreams and goals for your state of being. It's normal and predictable to be just ok. What if uou said Fuck It to just ok? What if you decided to be radical and go for a life that made us feel alive? Expecting your days to full of meaning and filled with pleasure.
What if you decide right here, right now.......you are only available for the best life possible. You decide to say good bye to "it's ok". You open the door to our courage and bravery. You open the door to choices that make you feel alive.
What does living your best live look like? What makes your heart sing? What thoughts can you have that will support you as a woman who is raising her vibration? What inspired actions steer you in the direction of a more joy filled life?
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