You Matter, Because You Do

meditation to improve self worth orgasm self value you are enough Jul 27, 2022

You Are Enough

You Matter, Because You Do.
Earning, working hard, trying to be good enough.....
endless loop that goes no where.
The more you try to please other, try to get others to see your value or become aware of your significance - the deeper you fall into one of the greatest myths or lies ever told.
No one is the source of your self value.
No one can give you self esteem.
Sure - when someone loves and adores you it feels GREAT, however, in order to sustain that feeling they have to continually love and adore you. Can anyone consistently and constantly focus on you? Is someone else responsible for your self value?
It reminds me of a show I saw on Oprah, this woman had her first orgasm with her boyfriend. She loved the feeling of the orgasm and the pleasure. She made the assumption the gentleman had the power to hand out orgasms. She did not realize her body is the reason she had the orgasm. Her body can give her more orgasms with or without him.
If you assume one person gives you your pleasure, then you are dependent on them for pleasure. You feel lost, alone and maybe even needy without the person you decided has the power to give you pleasure.
  1. That is the lie. That is the myth. No one holds the whole source of your pleasure or your self value.
Yes, a loving partner can make orgasm easier. It can be more pleasurable to have mutually enjoyable sex. 
But never forget, your body is the source or power that gifts you the orgasm.
We don't work hard to deserve orgasms. Our bodies give them to us because they do.
You are worthy because you are.
You matter because you do.
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