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Radical Receiving - You Are A Woman Who Receives

Most of us have been taught it's better to give than receive. What if we could both give and receive? Would that create a greater life? 
What do you wish for? What would you like to manifest?
We live in an 'Ask and Receive Universe'. If we do not take the time to get clear on what we desire, we will not be able to request our desires.
When you have a list of 'Asks', how do you allow it to flow to you? How can you get in the receiving mode? How do you become resistance free?
In this class we will explore fun and simple ways to master receiving.
Learn how receiving can help improve every aspect of our lives including relationships, experiences & health outcomes too!.
The art of receiving is a skill. Imagine mastering this skill. Imagine how the quality of your life will improve. Not only will your life be upgraded, but those around you will benefit from your state of happiness and well being. The more you receive, the more you will have available to give.
Sabrina Brightstar's digital course is a unique approach to radical receiving. Get clear on what you desire, and allows the flow of abundance and joy into your life

What People Are Saying:

I love the 30 day challenge. It is a great way to start the day. I am asking for more and more then I am delegating it to the Universe. It is a fun to stay on track. I am actually manifesting too!


I can truthfully say Sabrina has been a great teacher, guide and friend along my awakening experience.

Ryan The Lyran

Great course, our favorite is the Flip it game. Our whole family is playing it and helping each other when we notice someone is getting upset or sad.